Hitech darkpsy bundle: Quantakor plugin + 3x instrument banks (Win/Mac) by Eplex7 DSP

Eplex7 Hitech darkpsy bundle contains:

Quantakor plugin instrument with sci-fi, kybernetic, experimental, atmospheric sounds, FXs, soundscapes / pads.

+ Hitech SFX1 with hitech / psycore special effects / FX sounds – Synthesizers, Special hits, Explosions, Risers, Twisters, Dark psychedelic sounds, FM synth sounds, soundscapes, Glithes, Twisted alien voices, Hitech noises / effects, Alien risers and more.
+ Psytrance risers 1 with psytrance risers / uplifters (special effects with gradation perfect for adding energy to your tracks or dramatize stoptimes / intros/ intermezzo / breakdowns).
+ Hitech lasers 1 with laser and gun sound effects like hitech lasers and space guns.

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