Help, Ableton Live CPU jumping to 1000% and causing a glitches in sound – Computer Setup and System Configuration Forum

Hey, I have this problem with Ableton Live (and Cubase) that between moderately regular intervals, the CPU indicator of Ableton live jumps to 500% – 1000%, I hear glitchy distorted sound, playback stops for abt. 0.5 second, then continues. Sometimes this happens only once in 5 minutes, sometimes it happens between 10 seconds and so is very annoying. I had the same problem even with Cubase in the same computer so I suppose it can’t be the host or plugin..?

I suspect that it is a driver, service or some windows component causing this peak but I have difficulties tracking down which process is the source. I am looking at Process Exlorer while this happens, and I only see minor changes in the list, I suppose that the update speed is far to slow to record the peak, so I can’t find the source like this.

Does there maybe exist any software that records loads of all processes as a time series, or how do you suggest that what is the best way to track down the process, service or driver causing the peak..?

I have Core 2 Duo system, abt. 3 years old, 4 gigabyte RAM, M-Audio Firewire 1814 interface, and Windows XP SP3, Ableton Live 7.0.3.

I have a lot of stuff running in the background (a few Adobe Readers, Mozilla Thunderbird, Winamp, Daemon Tools, SSH, AVG Antivirus, Sygate Firewall, Google Chrome and a few wordpads, but I have difficulties believing that any other of these (than maybe the Antivirus) could cause so strong CPU peaks.

Computer just cleaned with CC-Cleaner, then defragmented, and everything unneccessary cleaned away from startup programs. So everything should be tip top (but of course the windows has been installed 3 years ago..)

So what do you suggest..?

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