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Bombadil wrote:

Wed Feb 26, 2020 6:40 pm

Amplitube Fender 1 is pretty outdated at this point. I suppose you could demo it, but I found it uninspiring compared to the real thing. Then again, it doesn’t weigh 100 lbs.

Was this in AmpliTube 4 or 5?

I’ve found the power amp update in AT5 has made a lot of the older models more useable. I’m actually getting good results from the ‘65 Twin from Fender 1 in AT5.

I particularly like doing my own “Fender factory upgrade” by pairing the ‘65 Twin with the 2×12 Open T J120, which is a vintage Twin cab loaded with JBL D120Fs from AT Jimi Hendrix. This was a factory upgrade that Fender offered. It gives the ‘65 Twin a bit more bite.

You do still need to crank the amp volume to 10 and feed it a hot input.

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