Disapponting Soundtoys 5 update policy – Effects Forum

Most frustrating to be the Soundtoys 5 owner: after waiting years for an update, we get the 5.3.5 version announcement, including pratically only techical improvements for one DAW (Reaper).

These are the “Highlights” :

Fixes issues with offline rendering in Reaper and other hosts, where the effect might have a delayed onset or undesirable fade in.
Fixes audio artifacts that could happen when editing modulation patterns during playback.
Fixes issue where events could be edited to 0 level and then no longer modified.
Effect Rack now resets delay buffers on preset changes.
Fixes an issue with PhaseMistress sound for certain 2-stage phaser styles.
Fixes an issue where Effect Rack could crash on load in Reaper on Windows.
Pattern editor stability improvements.

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