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Regarding the limits of comparisons:

In the third video, I will compare unison sounds on both instruments.

As soon as I switched Unison mode on, it was completely clear that it wasn’t possible to get the same sounds on both instruments. Why?

The Jupiter 4 is said to be a temperamental beast, almost never completely in tune, voices drifting apart…
Well, mine doesn’t really behave that way. When I got my Jupiter 4, the tuning was horrible and the synth almost unusable. I tuned the synth using the trimmers in the voice cards in a way that when playing some sounds like octaves you still get that pleasant phase cancellation sound between VCOs. That’s very noticeable in Unison mode. If someone’s unit is differently tuned (some people go for a slight detuning between voices), then the Unison mode will be accordingly affected. If there is more detuning between voices, then the Unison mode will sound fatter. If A, then B.

It seems that the Mercury 4 is tuned for fatness and chorusing when used in the Unison mode, no matter the position of the drift knob. For that reason, you will hear obvious differences in sound when I post the examples with both instruments in Unison mode.

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