Bitwig 4.0.4 available (pre-release) – Bitwig Forum

Changes in Bitwig Studio 4.0.4 [released 01 October 2021]


ALS Import: Now treats send levels below -70 dB as -∞ dB [26777]
ALS Import: Tracks routing to the parent track weren’t imported correctly [26777]
Some WAV samples couldn’t be imported [26676]
Hardware CV Instrument device: Axes were getting painted over [23870]
Oscilloscope Grid module (Display): Would paint outside the bounds when reopening Grid editor [26782]
Crash when using arrow keys after switching to Project Panel via keyboard shortcut [25355]
Undoing deletion of a plug-in that had a modulated parameter could recall the wrong parameter value [26621]
Monitoring via track input routing from a multi-out VST chain created one buffer latency in the monitoring track [26677]
In some situations, the application could crash when activating from demo mode, etc. [3483, 26742]
Crash when loading some beta projects [26696]

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