Augustus Loop issue – Expert Sleepers Forum

I’m experiencing an issue while using multiple (12) instances of Augustus Loop at the same time using Ableton Live 10.

I have all effects inside the Augustus Loop instances deactivated and am using the plugin in digital mode, as I’m using it as a multi track looper system.

After a few minutes of use, at least one, sometimes two of the instances will suddenly produce very distorted sound. The waveforms in the tape display look normal, so it seems to be an issue regarding the plugin’s output, not the recording.

After clearing all loops and waiting for a minute or two, the issue goes away temporarily, until after a few minutes, it will suddenly appear again (each time on a different instance of the plugin, and only on new recordings).

This is a huge issue for me when doing live looping. All other sound is fine (coming from microphone, even with effects added, and when recording to and playing back from Ableton’s clip slots), so I suspect it must be the plugin itself.

Is there a hard or soft limit on how many instances can/should be used at the same time? My computer has more than enough RAM (32gb) and CPU usage reported by Ableton is below 20%. Increasing the audio buffer size (using ASIO4All drivers on Win10) doesn’t solve the issue either unfortunately.

Any help in solving this would be greatly appreciated.

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