90 degrees rotations question for Photosounder. – Photosounder Forum

I have to ask some questions about this program:—>”PhotoSoudner” so that I why I am posting this message to you.

PhotoSounder can reverse the spectrogram that is host via the domain of time (audio reversal), frequency (frequency inversion) and amplitude (amplitude inversion), but one of the
very interesting things that I found it could do is rotate the spectrogram via 90 degrees via the z-axis (frequency become time and time becomes frequency).

Now, I need to know if you can rotate the spectrogram that it hosts via the y-axis (time becomes amplitude and amplitude becomes time), and the x-axis (frequency becomes amplitude and amplitude becomes frequency).

Are these operations available on PhotoSounder?

Also, please can you please tell me what programming language that PhotoSoudner was created in as I need to learn the Wolfram Mathmatica programming language.

Does anyone care to share their thoughts on this subject?

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