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BenfordLaw wrote:

Sun Oct 17, 2021 10:34 pm

now we have the worst presets ever heard, coming from SoundPaint, and still some of you are defending them. (Notice I am talking about those specific presets, I already said that some of the other presets sounded great.)

Nothing wrong with those presets, they aren’t supposed to be used in a “wonder who made that wonderful tune” context. However, I agree the way they are being used at some places, especially somewhere like 10:40 or 16:20 onwards indeed, the improvisation sounds like it’s clashing musically and doesn’t feel good to me, either. Separating the impro from the sound/preset itself is important, even at those places. But something like the opening sound you describe as “AWFUL” is very on point for the style and use it’s aimed for, it’s simply not “wonderful radio tune” material but designed with entirely different professional use in mind.

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