Breathing VR – Breathing Virtual Reality Apps for use in psychiatry and rehabilitation

Breathing Labs has launched Breathing Apps for VR headsets (termed “Breathing VR”) for use in psychiatry (phobias, anxieties) and rehabilitation (post-operative, copd, asthma).

Compared to Breathing Games/Apps, Breathing VR’s main advantages are:

  • With VR headsets breathing games/apps are easier to administer in clinical environment, as there is no need for users to hold mobile phone or tablet in their hands
  • VR headset creates an immersive experience that keeps users more focused and engaged and produces stronger emotional responses
  • As VR headsets generally do not enable users to tap or swype on screen, therefore many VR games lack some basic input signal for interaction. Breathing provides user interaction in the most natural, ergonomic, and clinically beneficial way.

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