Product manager for a music app for live performing musicians

Smartguitars also smartdrums is another spinoff from IRZU (we will rename it as now it is an universal music accompaniment app). Basically we have written an android app that plays drums for you while you play your guitar, accordion, piano,… This project started as a hobby experiment but has evolved into a product that is now ready for market. We will soon publish an app on Google Play and you have to come up with some ideas how to market it. We can help tremendously in web and social media automation and you will learn many cool tricks using integromat, zapier, ifttt, nodered, tasker, and similar automation tools but basically we just need a fresh mind to try some things. You can play yourself, you can teach others to use it and record them, we can connect you with interested audience (instrument manufacturers, music shops, streaming services, nft brokers,..). Anyway we dont have any idea what will come out of this project and we would like somebody to take a lead and we will help you as much as we can.

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