Marketing, Sales, And Affiliate Management at BREATHING LABS, SLOVENIA

Intern will communicate with our existing retail and affiliate partners and will help them build brand for their prospective audiences. It includes creative thinking, copy-writing, co-branding, translating and especially a lot of video call conferencing. Experience with Google Apps (Docs, spreadsheets, slides, forms) is essential. Intern needs to be highly creative in various co-branding scenarios with partners in education, fitness, and health industries. Intern is payed 10% of their managed account’s realisation or 20% of their own realisation. Intern can invite new business partners and receives 10% commision of each new acount’s sales realisation. Sales are done in two ways: 1) affiliate and 2) retail. What is affiliate partnership? Affiliate partners promote products through internet and social networks and receive 20% commision of their sales. Products are shipped from headquarters in Slovenia (just in time production). What is retail partnership? Retail partners pay for products in advance and sell them over the counter, off the shelf, or in any other arrangement that might suit their customers. We provide volume discount for volumes 10 pieces and up, retail partners pay for shipping from headquarters in Slovenia to their location. Retail partners keep these pieces in their stock, sell them at their own price but not below 149USD.

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