VirtualBox problems anyone?

Anyone else having issues getting VirtualBox to run on this release? (regardless of whether VM/Hypervisor parts are installed or not)
Pre-this release it was running perfectly fine. After the update, it wouldn’t run (same VirtualBox version as before). I’ve removed it, re-installed it, and did so with a myriad of different settings in Hyper-V and VM as well as BIOS settings for hardware VM support. I even wiped and did a full clean install of this release. Seems it won’t run without secure boot / UEFI enabled – that’s the only difference between releases. My next step is to wipe and re-enable UEFI/Secure boot. Anyone have any possible suggestions or input before I start the wonderful and magical and oh-so-much-fun re-install process? *twitch* Please? *twitchtwitch*


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