Store could not be read.

Hi there,

I am just getting started with vuforia and unity. So in Unity’s playmode everything runs fine, but when I deploy the scene to the hololens 2 I get a “Storage could not be read.” error in the excptptr.cpp file in line 534. Before that I get a “Kernelbase.pdb not included” error, which I can resolve with loading it from the Microsoft Symbolserver. After that I get the same error but with “msvcp140_app.arm64.pdb not included” which can not be found with th eMicorosoft Symbolserver. When I try to load the pdb file it throws the descried error.


I am running Windows 11 Home with Build 22000.739 on my computer and connected the hololens via cable. Unity is version 2021.3.2f1.

The images show the error messages I described above.

Thanks for your help!

Cheers, Nicklas

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