soql – Cannot download FieldDefinition data for Contact object

I cannot download the FieldDefinition data using the Tooling API for all Contact fields.

I have used this query to get the Id for the Contact object:

SELECT Id FROM EntityDefinition where DeveloperName="Contact"

Which gives me an Id of 000000000000000AAA

I then use that Id in the following query:

SELECT DataType,Description,DeveloperName,DurableId,EntityDefinitionId, FROM FieldDefinition where EntityDefinitionId='000000000000000AAA'

But I get zero results returned.

I’ve also tried getting the Field Id via:

SELECT Id FROM CustomField WHERE TableEnumOrId = 'Contact'

This gives me 378 results, and then using that result for the IN part of the SOQL query

SELECT Id,Description,DataType FROM FieldDefinition where durableid IN

But again I get zero results.

Can anyone help please?

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