Solr vs ElasticSearch – Solr

Solr vs ElasticSearch – the million-dollar question. 🙂


Broadly, Solr and ElasticSearch essentially have the same feature-set and address the same problem – that of building a fast, feature-rich search application on top of Apache Lucene.

Both provide (now standard) search features such as:

  • Java API and REST
  • faceting
  • highlighting
  • geo spatial search
  • replication

In fact, Solr and ElasticSearch are so similar, there is even an ES plugin that allows you to use Solr clients/tools with ElasticSearch!

For all practical purposes, there is no real reason to choose Solr over ElasticSearch or vice versa. Both have mature codebases, widespread deployment and are battle-proven. There are of course small variations in the two, such as ElasticSearch’s percolation feature, and Solr’s Pivot Facets.

For more information

Here’s a blow-by-blow feature comparison of Solr vs ElasticSearch.

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