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In the last couple of days, some of our web honeypots detected scans for “LuCI,” LuCI is a user interface used by the widespread OpenWRT open-source router/firewall implementation. Scans for it are not specifically new. As with all perimeter security devices, they are significant targets, and simple vulnerabilities, as well as weak credentials, are often exploited.

There appear to be three popular URLs among our honeypots:




The scan seems to check if the directories are present by verifying the existence of specific files. A quick Google search shows plenty of exposed “/luci-static” folders. But I haven’t found any “top-iot” subdirectories and wonder what exploits may be used against this feature.

Can you help? If you are running OpenWRT (or are more familiar with it … I haven’t used it in a few years), do you know what “top-iot” contains? The name suggests some kind of IoT subsystem. I am mostly wondering what the attacker is exploiting here and what they would get from this request (to possibly better implement the response in our honeypots)

and remember: Never ever expose an admin interface to the internet!

Johannes B. Ullrich, Ph.D. , Dean of Research,


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