RTMP stream on iOS – DevDreamz

I’m pretty sure mediastreamsegmenter can be set up for slightly lower latencies (perhaps as low as 3 seconds).

Any other solution would need an advanced-ish transport, demux and video codec, that can handle RTP-over-HTTP and something at least equal to MPEG-2 video in compression efficiency. Those things are hard to come by for free (I know of only GPL-encumbered ones).

And even those would have latencies of at least 1 second as far as I can tell.

I’ve successfully used rtmpdump for streaming on iOS. You would have to implement the audio/video message decode as the code does not provide that. Also AMF3 is not fully implemented so you might have to deal with that too. For the most part it’s just the rtmp.c file. The handleInvoke and handleCtrl methods is where the action is, along with the method that handles the packet (forgot which it is).

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