Room041 by Analog Obsession – Reverb Plugin VST VST3 Audio Unit AAX

First reverb plugin by Analog Obsession.

Not 1:1 modeling based on any device (it’s room reverb plugin) but it has features like famous plate reverb.


  • Preamp Section.
  • DRIVE: +/-24dB input drive based on tube based reverb line input. Possible to get really dirty or clean reverb.
  • HPF: Pre-Filter 20 to 100Hz.
  • Reverb Section.
  • Stereo Sep: Mono to Stereo stereo seperation.
  • Pre-Delay: 0 to 250ms.
  • Decay: 0.1 to 6 sec.
  • Post Eq Section.
  • Low: 20Hz to 2kHz with +/-24dB.
  • High: 200Hz to 20kHz with +/-24dB.
  • Master Section.
  • DRY & WET: 0dB to inf.

UPDATE VERSION 1.1 / 21.9.2021:

  • Added gain compensated DRIVE.

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