Request for Comments: Reverse Geocoding in Darktable with Lua/Python – #9 by afre – darktable

Dear all,
as I have some free time at my hands – badly injured my elbow when mountainbiking, recovery is a matter of another 6 weeks minimum – I decided to scratch a personal itch:

I very often track my movements with a GPS logger ,and during rawfile import, I write those coordinates into the raw file by means of exiftool. Now coordinates are nice and allow to see the image location on a map, but I want to see the postal-like address in the metadata of the image.

The openstreetmap-Nominatim servers allow reverse geocoding without all the privacy implications of google maps at al., and there is a very nice python module to query nominatim with a pair of coordinates and get back address data.

What I have accomplished so far is a lua post-import (or keyboard shortcut) triggered script that calls a python script to request the address data and return it in a lightroom style hierarchical location tag like “where|Italy|Emilia-Romagna|Bologna|Malpighi”. This tag then gets added to the darktable image.

My question to you is: Is this something that’s interesting for other people, too?

If yes I would put it on GitHub and invest some time to make it more configurable in terms of language and tag prefix.


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