README is out of date [#3280969]


The instruction when trying to download the MathJax library locally is out of date!

Steps to reproduce

1. Install and enable this module
$ composer require drupal/mathjax

2. Install the third-party MathJax software:
Download MathJax source from the MathJax website.
Un-archive it into your “libraries” directory.
You may need to create the “libraries” directory first.
Rename it to “MathJax”. When finished you should have this structure:

Navigate to , copy the link from the “Or simple download a copy of the latest distribution.”
( )
cd web/libraries;
wget ;
unzip ;
mv MathJax-master MathJax

There is no MathJax.js in that folder.. No MathJax.js in the Mathjax/es5 folder.

…/web/libraries/MathJax$ find | grep -i mathjax.js

Proposed resolution

Guessing that is distributing a TOO NEW of library. Either provide a link to an old enough version to download, unzip, rename or update the repository to make use of the current version from MathJax ?!

Read more here: Source link