pulseaudio – USB Headset allowing selective apps only to play sounds

I have 2 different USB headsets, both have the same problem on Linux Ubuntu 20.04.

The screenshots below are when I connect the Jabra quantum 400.

They only play sounds from certain apps – e.g. I can hear every audio file playing within google chrome – youtube or whatsapp messages.

I can also hear the Alert Sounds played from the sound settings (screenshot below)

But I cannot hear the ‘test’ sounds in the test feature of the sound settings.

Nor can I hear sounds from any apps installed – vlc or skype or teams.

I have installed pulseaudio but for some reason I cannot get any UI to show up. I also have pulsemixer (screenshot attached)

I also have sound switcher installed and as you can see in the screenshot there seems to be something not correct, at least that is my impression.

Any ideas what I could fix that I can hear sounds from regular Linux apps and not just google chrome.

I installed canberra pulse and pavucontrol (based on other answers) but it did not help

sudo apt-get install -y libcanberra-pulse
sudo apt install pavucontrol

I also tried this answer although I do not have the same UI of the pulseaudio nor sound settings
No sound on USB headset. How to manage soundcards and audio devices?

sound settings 1
sound settings 2
sound switcher

When playing any audio from google chrome (which i can hear) this is what I see in the audio settings. the volume bar is showing output

playing audio in google chrome

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