Proxy error when accessing the Data Flow Editor ka28a000000g6SfAAI


  • Receiving a Proxy Error when accessing the Data Flow Editor (Node-RED).   servername/Node-RED/admin/ 
  • Getting a lot of “Error:4112 – Unknown error!” in the ProgramData\OpshubLogs\node-red\nodered-svc-00000000.out.log file.
  • Log files in ProgramData\OpshubLogs\node-red\ exceed 1 GB;
Primary Product Module : Plant Applications
Primary Product Version : 8.2
Primary Product OS : Windows Server 2019
Secondary Product Line : Operations Hub
Secondary Product Version : 2022

The issue might be related to the flows that the were manually created, which resulted in a loop of warnings and errors in the nodered-svc log files.

The fix to get this service running is to remove/rename the flows.json and flows_cred.json files from ProgramData\GE\OperationsHub\node-red folder.

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