POSTDOC: Artificial Intelligence for research, documentation, technical support, legal, and commercial use

This is a 5 day course for postdoc researchers who have skills in web development (html, js, node, cloud APIs). Cost per person is 590€. Participants travel and accommodation costs can be financed through Erasmus “Staff mobility for training” fund. The course includes the following topics:

  1. Genetics: Learn how to use AI in genetics research, including the identification of alphafold models, transitioning from in-silico to in-vitro, AI for sourcing materials and CRO companies, and AI writing FDA/TGA/EMEA/PMDA applications for clinical trial approvals.
  2. How to scale on Google or Amazon AWS platforms, with a case study with “vertex AI” by Google
  3. Law: How to do fully automatic e-discovery preparation, elastic (dynamically weighted) SWOT analysis, and learn guidelines for effective court proceedings management.
  4. Document Management: Dive into the world of semantics, taxonomy, regex, natural language processing, and learn how to identify assertive statements, how to identify claims, and how to find exposures and technicalities.

Courses are planned when there are at least 3 participants interested in the same time-frame. Anyhow we try to be reasonable and try to provide you most networking, knowledge, skills, and insights to stay ahead in the industry. Apply with your CV and your expressed motivation at info at