OBX-Pro III in a live setting – Instruments Forum

I recently bought a Roland Fantom-06 and although it does have a lot of great sounds, I still want the option to use my OBX-Pro III patches. Is there a way to easily get samples of the OBX-Pro III patches onto the fantom-06 this way I don’t have to bring my computer to every gig and practice? I know there’s a way to create your own sounds on the fantom-06 using the built in synth, but I don’t know how to accurately recreate the sounds I need on it. Has anyone done this before? Specifically I want the synth sounds from Lucky Man, tom sawyer, rebel yell, easy lover, everybody wants to rule the world, drive (the cars), hungry like the wolf, rio, uptown funk and i can’t go for that no can do.

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