No display required, vncserver remote xfce desktop is configured for embedded /x86 ubuntu/linux system

Before, there was no monitor connection on the board , So I searched the Internet , It turns out that VncServer This very interesting remote desktop tool , In the same way , AnZhuoDuan , There is also a scrcpy Mobile remote desktop tools , I’ve used it before vncviewer, But maybe there is a monitor in the back , So I didn’t think about it , Now I feel that this remote desktop is used for many times , They are very useful . For example, the mobile phone screen is too small or the Android device has no screen , use scrcpy Open the screen on the computer , That’s how you play with the projection tool !!

Linux There are many on the desktop , The mainstream of :GNOME desktop, KDE Plasma Desktop, Mate Desktop, Budgie Desktop, Xfce/Xubuntu Desktop, Cinnamon Desktop,LXDE wait .

Linux Under the system , You can install multiple desktops at the same time ,apt install One pot is OK , Which one is good-looking, which one is good-looking ,gnome Many people use it. ,kde All the tools are more gorgeous ,cinnamon/mate More in line with Windows habit ,lxde Lighter and smaller , No matter how many you pack ,Linux The desktop manager in allows you to switch , It’s just , It doesn’t matter if you are an ordinary user , To develop , You should be careful , After all, there are so many things , They were not developed by an organization , It was not developed by one person , Many versions of dependent packages are different , Zhang San uses glib2, Li Si used glib3, Wang Wu used gcc7, Sun Liu used it gcc6, There may be no problem at ordinary times , Once you compile some source packages , The problem is big , You will crash like the system ……

Here we first look at how to configure xfce Remote desktop :

1. install xfce desktop

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