LoopToGo by LoopToGo Studio – Looper Plugin Host VST3

Because it’s fun to loop

LoopToGo is an easy to use software looper for Windows 64-bit. Though it looks a bit like a DAW and have some similar functionalities, it’s not a DAW. It’s a looper designed for live performance.

With LoopToGo, it’s easy to use “programmed” looping (also known as “scripted looping”, “arranged looping” or “pedal free looping”) for great live performance. LoopToGo can also be used for standard looping thanks to its Jam mode. It is a VST3 plugins host which give acces to plenty of free or paid effects or instruments. More details at www.looptogo.com


  • Very intuitive « Scripted » looping (standard looping also possible via Jam mode).

  • MIDI in/out support.

  • Synchronized partition (lyrics and chords).

  • Support for automation.

  • Unlimited number of record and play loops.

  • Unlimited tracks for Pro Version.

  • Support of VST3* plugins.

  • Designed for live performance.

* VST is a registered trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.

Free version

The Free version can be downloaded at www.looptogo.com/download

The Free version has all the same features as the Pro version. The only difference is that the free version is limited to 6 tracks.

Current development state

As of March 2022, LoopToGo is in active development and we are eager to receive your comments/suggestions/bug reports.

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