kubectl – Docker-Desktop for MAC Kubernetes not creating secrets or token for serviceaccounts

I’m just trying to create a simple service account. Theoretically, kubectl automatically creates the secret and token for service accounts… But, not in my case… I’ve done this in kube-system, default, and new/other namespaces.

me@mymachine ~ % kubectl create serviceaccount my-acct
serviceaccount/my-acct created
me@mymachine ~ % kubectl describe serviceaccount my-acct
Name:                my-acct
Namespace:           default
Labels:              <none>
Annotations:         <none>
Image pull secrets:  <none>
Mountable secrets:   <none>
Tokens:              <none>
Events:              <none>

I have reset the Kubernetes system. Uninstalled, removed ./kube/ and removed the Library…
Still no secret created. All of my developers machines (MAC as well, both Intel and M1) automatically create the account secret.
Any ideas?

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