KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022: Kubectl Said What?

Pods in a pending state? Containers in a Crashloop? DNS acting dastardly? (okay that last one was a stretch) You’ve definitely deployed your application but it isn’t available. Kubernetes is confirming the conundrum but what exactly is it trying to communicate? The goal of this session is to explore the causes of various phases, conditions, states, and events related to Kubernetes objects that are produced by kubectl so that you debug from an informed position. By understanding the possible causes of these conditions you will learn where to start, what to pay attention to, and what unrelated messages to ignore. Attendees should be interested in saving time, reducing effort, and minimizing frustration. We will interactively examine Kubernetes objects in various error states and the clues being presented by kubectl get, describe, events, and more.

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