JSON data not loading via jquery getJSON

I’m feeling silly here, but for the life of me I can’t find out what’s going on.

I’m trying to fill in a dropdown based on the value of another dropdown. I’ve done this about a million times before, but the JSON just doesn’t want to load into the dropdown. It actually looks like it’s just skipping the getJSON entirely.

Any ideas?

var url = "http://lostpetposters.org/json/dogs.json";
function populateDropdown(url) {
    $("#animalBreed").attr('disabled', false);
    $("#animalBreed").append('<option selected="true" disabled></option>');

    $.getJSON(url, function (data) {
        $.each(data, function (key, entry) {
            $('#animalBreed').append($('<option></option>').attr('value', entry.name).text(entry.name));

A fiddle to play with

Read more here: Source link