Is it possible to upload large Revit models (1-2GB) and render faster onto Autodesk Forge viewer?

I am currently developing a web application integrated with Autodesk Forge platform. Application is hosted on AWS. Basically, users upload their Revit files, the model is translated and rendered on the viewer, and the metadata is extracted and do some visualization. Small models (upto 200 MB) are able uploaded and rendered on the viewer within 60 seconds. But when I upload a large (1-2 GB) Revit file, it takes more than 5 minutes(which is not a good user experience) to translate and render on the viewer. Is there a way to make this upload and render process faster? What are the factors this translation speed depends on? Is this something to be addressed by optimizing my code? I looked everywhere for a solution but couldn’t find any. Please advise.

Thank you!

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