Is anyone else confused about yesterday’s changes to the crowd calendar heat maps? – Crowd Calendar

Our trip is coming up next month, and I’m confused about the heatmaps… yes, I know crowd calendars are useless now, and I know we should just expect wall-to-wall pretty much all the way through March, but can someone explain this?

One of our park days in March is marked a Level 10 day, and the heatmap posted for MK up to 2/23 was very red and dark orange.

On 2/24, the heatmap changed. Same day, same park, still a Level 10, but oranges to greens – no red.

I also saw a Level 10 for a different park, different day, but it’s all yellows and greens!

I scrolled through and I see bizarre heatmaps. Days with red and dark orange labelled “8” and THE SAME DAY, different park, all green and yellow also labelled “8”. This used to be pretty logical – lots of red = 9 & 10, lots of green = 3-5 (not that that means anything anymore).

I’m not changing any plans at this point. But I’m thoroughly confused how TP expects people to use their tools when they make no sense. A flat estimate of Level 6 or Level 10 is helpful, but to change the heatmaps so drastically and not change the Crowd Level… either there’s a major glitch, or they’re recalibrating their entire system to not show solid red every day for the next 6 months, or… I don’t know. Does anybody here know what’s going on?

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