Interface EVAL-CN0398-ARDZ using Arduino/Linduino code with DE-10 Nano which is flashed with Ubuntu 18.04 Azure cloud default or LXDE – Q&A – Linux Software Drivers


So the thing is I want to interface the sensors connected to the EVAL-CN0398-ARDZ board which sits on top of the Arduino compatible pins of the DE-10 Nano. I have flashed it with LXDE currently but I want to flash it with Ubuntu 18.04 provided by Azure so I can create an environment where I can use these values for my further usage and also use light Deep learning models on the edge. So using quartus prime is not a valid choice as it will render a lot of other things in my project useless. I would like to interface this EVAL-CN0398-ARDZ board with the Arduino IDE installed on the Ubuntu/any Linux distribution of the DE-10 Nano. I have tried writing different drivers for it but in vain. So, can someone please guide me or specify steps to follow? Quick and correct help/answers are highly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!

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