If you don’t understand, you have to ask, what’s the difference between the global installation of webpack and the project installation of webpack? Why should you install the global webpack?

Please consult the great gods, 1 There is webpack in the project, so what is the role of global installation of webpack? 2. In addition: for vue-cli3, webpack is integrated in the scaffold. How to check the version of webpack integrated in the scaffold? 3. Can it be modified to another version of webpack?
Technical Xiaobai, the description may be inaccurate. Please forgive me
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  1. Like any other globally installed NPM package, webpack has nothing special. However, it is generally not recommended unless it is a scaffold tool.
  2. First, you can see the source code of Vue cli, and the dependencies are inpackage.jsonLi; You can also view the project after installationnode_modulesFind webpack in the directory and look at itpackage.json, with version information.
  3. No. Vue cli relies on a specific version of webpack.

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