How does eclipse configure the sublime text editor?

Sublime text is a powerful code editing tool. It is especially convenient to use it to write front-end languages. If we use eclipse for java web related development, we can use eclipse to write java code, and front-end codes such as HTML, CSS and JS can be completed with sublime text. In addition, we can configure the sublime text editor for the front-end code file in the Java Web project of eclipse, so that we can double-click the front-end code file in eclipse to open it with the sublime text editor, which is very convenient.

1. Create aJava Web projectAdd some front-end code files, such as a JavaScript file, select the file, right-click and click【Open With】——【Other】, eject【Editor Selection】Form.

2. In【Editor Selection】There are two radio boxes in the form【Internal editors】It is the editor inside eclipse【External programs】Represents an external editor. Here we select the external editor radio box.

3. Click【Browse…】Button, an EXE file selection dialog box pops up. Here, we select the EXE file of sublime text. After selection, you can check the【Use it for all *.js files】Check box, which means that all JS files can be opened with the editor we just selected. Last click【OK】Button to complete the selection.

4. After the above steps, we double-click the JS file again, and it will open in the sublime text editor by default. At the same time, right click the JS file to find that there is one more item in the right-click menu【Sublime text】, this is the editor we just added. For CSS and HTML files, you can use the above method to set.

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