H2 database file corrupted and cannot recover

We use h2 database as our Confluence data source. Yesterday there was a heap overflow error while performing the Confluence backup job. After that we found some data was corrupted.
When we execute the select statement on the damaged data, the error is as follows:

IO Exception: "java.io.IOException: org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLNonTransientException: IOException: ""Missing lob entry: 4172202"" [90028-200]";"lob: null table: -3 id: 4172202"[90031-200] 90031/90031

We have used the h2 recovery tool but the restored database still has the above error.
We checked the sql script generated by the recovery tool and found that the corrupted data was written in the comments like:

-- dump: fragmentation of damaged data...

Is there any way we can do to recover the h2 database?

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