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I can create a webhook for version added, but I get no callback.

If I send my own POST requests to the callbackUrl I can see them in the log.

The folder urn QU_6r8mIR8yIubm1K_fHmA is the Project Files folder of the Project.

Any ideas would be welcome.

autoReactivateHook  FALSE
callbackWithEventPayloadOnly    FALSE
createdBy   umwNi161Og8dY7j4SFpw7EUWCOJGzMXp
createdDate 2022-06-10T09:23:39.323+00:00
creatorType Application
event   dm.version.added
hookId  dc9998e5-5ce6-40d3-b5c9-e2ea09ed56e0
lastUpdatedDate 2022-06-10T09:23:39.323+00:00
scope   folderurn:adsk.wipemea:fs.folder:co.QU_6r8mIR8yIubm1K_fHmA
status  active
system  data
tenant  urn:adsk.wipemea:fs.folder:co.QU_6r8mIR8yIubm1K_fHmA
urn urn:adsk.webhooksemea:events.hook:dc9998e5-5ce6-40d3-b5c9-e2ea09ed56e0

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