file ‘norm_end’ expected to signal a correct swan calculation – Coast/Estuary – Delft3D-Old

While making a wave alone delft3d run in 64 bit windows platform, i
encountered an error. The error showed in command running dialogue box
is ” file ‘norm_end’ expected to signal a correct swan
calculation”, while in the err file, the error reported is
“Terminating error: Allocation problem: array AC2 and return code
is 41”.

I could find many suggestions on how to make the model run perfectly
or to fix probable mistakes I could’ve done, like the stack overflow error.

However I’m confused very much with it, because with all the same
files (nothing changed), I was able to run the model in a different
computer(PC) with almost same configuration as the previous
one. (kindly note that the model was perfectly run in the new PC,
hence proving no stack overflow error)

I’d like to know what exactly could be the reason for this. Is this
some kind of a bug or is it my PC configuration that cause the issue,
or something else?

(Note that this system, which showed error was previously used to
successfully make similar wave standalone runs)

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