ffmpeg audio encoding based on codec and not on stream identifier

I have an RTSP Stream with one video stream and three audio streams as the source. Two of the audio streams are encoded with .mp2 and one is encoded with .ac-3. I want to convert the .mp2 streams to AAC. This would be easy if the .mp2streams would have the same stream identifier every time I start ffmpeg, but unfortunately the stream identifiers change. This means sometimes the two .mp2 streams are 0:a:0 and 0:a:1 and the next time they are 0:a:1 and 0:a:2.

Is there an option to re-encode only the .mp2 streams and keep the .ac-3 stream untouched?
I should probably also mention that this encoding is used for live TV so it is not an option to produce intermediate files or have several ffmpeg commands.

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