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I am currently trying to customise my features table so that the fieldsInfo input (Annoucements) would not have any special characters. I do not know how to implement this into the features table.

Sorry I do not have a lot of experience with the API, please advise 🙂 thank you.

      var regex = new RegExp(/[~`!#$%\^&*+=\-\[\]\\';,/{}|\\":<>\?]/);

      function regexTest(value){
          console.log("Has special characters")
          return value;

    var featureTable = new FeatureTable({
      featureLayer: featureLayer,
      editable: true,
      syncSelection: true,
      dateOptions: {
        datePattern: 'dd/MM/y',
        timeEnabled: true,
        timePattern: 'HH:mm:ss',
      hiddenFields: ["objectid", "objectid_1"],

      fieldInfos: [{
          name: 'announcement', //Should not have any special characters
          alias: 'Announcement'
          name: 'created_user',
          alias: 'Created By',
          editable: false
          name: 'created_date',
          alias: 'Created Date',
          editable: false

      gridOptions: {
        noDataMessage: "No Data",
        allowSelectAll: true,
        cellNavigation: true,
        selectionMode: "extended",
        pagination: true,
        allowTextSelection: true,
        pageSizeOptions: [10, 25, 50, 100, 200],
        columnHider: true,
        columnResizer: true,
      menuFunctions: [{
          label: "Add New Record",
          callback: addNewRecord
          label: "Delete Record(s)",
          callback: deleteRecord
    }, 'tableNode');

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