dual boot – Only ubuntu is asking for EFI partition during installation , this should be a bug right?

During the installation of ubuntu 22.04 , installer was asking for a EFI partition despite of having windows 10 on that same drive on MBR partition using legacy BIOS.

(live usb was made using rufus with MBR support, even tried with balenaetcher)

I downloaded other distros and rechecked. only ubuntu and kubuntu are not accepting MBR partition but i can easily dual boot on my pc with mx linux, manjaro and pop os.

if during installation i allow ubuntu to erase my disk then it converts my ssd to GPT partition table and installs it with EFI partition. (even though ubuntu live usb boots as legacy system)

as the other distros dont have any problem in dual boot on MBR partition with exact same settings, then does it mean there is some bug with ubuntu installation?

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