[digikam] [Bug 453180] “not valid” dates for video in “Adjust Time & Date”


--- Comment #2 from Kristian Karl <kristian.hermann.k...@gmail.com> ---
Select the attached video in thumbnal view, and then open the dialog "Adjust
Time & Date"
Digikam: digiKam compiled from sources
>digikam.general: Action Thread run  1  new jobs
>digikam.metaengine: ExifTool path: "exiftool"
>digikam.metaengine: Path to ExifTool: "exiftool"
>digikam.metaengine: Check ExifTool availability: true
>digikam.metaengine: Path to ExifTool: "exiftool"
>digikam.metaengine: ExifToolProcess::start(): create new ExifTool instance: 
>"exiftool" ("-stay_open", "true", "-@", "-", "-common_args", "-charset", 
>"filename=UTF8", "-charset", "iptc=UTF8")
>digikam.metaengine: ExifTool process started
>digikam.metaengine: ExifTool "Load Chunks" "-TagsFromFile 
>/home/krikar/Pictures/tmp/2022-04-27_181056.mp4 -all:all<all:all -o -.exv"
>digikam.metaengine: ExifToolProcess::readOutput(): ExifTool command completed
>digikam.metaengine: ExifTool complete command for action "Load Chunks" with 
>elasped time (ms): 386
>digikam.metaengine: EXV 9
>digikam.metaengine: ExifTool parsed command for action "Load Chunks"
>digikam.metaengine: 1 properties decoded
>digikam.metaengine: ExifTool complete "Load Chunks" for 
>digikam.metaengine: Metadata chunk loaded with ExifTool
>digikam.metaengine: EXV chunk size loaded with ExifTool: 9
>digikam.metaengine: ExifToolProcess::terminate(): send ExifTool shutdown 
>digikam.metaengine: ExifTool process finished 1 QProcess::NormalExit
>digikam.metaengine: Loading metadata with "ExifTool" backend from 
>digikam.general: One job is done

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