DeeCompressor by Dotec-Audio – Compressor Plugin VST VST3 Audio Unit AAX

The highly popular flagship compressor DeeComp Reborn as DeeCompressor.
The newly developed algorithm allows you to enjoy even higher quality, powerful, and comfortable compression.

The operation has zero latency, and both attack and release can be set ultra-short.
The ratio supports up to 0.5:1, so you can also emphasize the attack.
The M/S mode can be used to create a wide sound field, and the link between channels can be adjusted.
Auto release automatically adjusts the release to the best setting, and the limiter function is also provided for easy use.
A filter can be used to extract the bandwidth used for level detection, so clicks and ess can be suppressed, or targeted compression can be applied.
Of course, side-chaining and 64-bit double precision are supported.

-FAT sound that you expect from a compressor.
-Both attack and release can be set from 0 ms.
-Supports ratios up to 0.5:1
-HPF and LPF filters
-M/S mode and channel link adjustment
-Wide range of KNEE settings
-Auto release
-Built-in limiter
-Zero latency.

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