Dashboard layout goes insane, becomes unrecoverable/uneditable – Dashboard

On Windows 10, running locally. Node 16.12.0, npm 8.1.0.

I can’t run node 17.x.x because I need node-red-contrib-modbus and it’s not compatible with anything newer than 16.x.x yet. I will upgrade when I can.

In the meantime, my dashboard layout goes insane when I add a single button to a group, now. I add the button, things move around as expected, but I can’t move them back. The various elements in that group become bizarrely wide, e.g. a button that is defined as 4×1 when you look at the node is shown on the dashboard layout as 2 or 3 times that wide. All the other elements do the same. Once that occurs all I can do is literally delete all flows and re-import from a backup JSON file.

Others must have seen this behavior, certainly. Is there a fix?


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