Confused film photographer, wanting to start on digital, needs CMYK advice – Processing

Linux and Gimp are my intended route to digital processing of Canon EOS 5D MkII DSLR images and 5X4 film negatives, with the latter intended to be scanned on an Epson Perfection V 850 Pro. Printing on an Epson SC P-700 is intended.

From net enquiries, Gimp is compatible with Linux and RAW files can be exported from Canon to Gimp with the aid of RawTherapee. A SANE driver is available to make the V 850 compatible with Linux and thus to Gimp. A TurboPrint Studio driver, with CMYK print mode, is available to make the SC P-700 compatible with Linux

But Gimp doesn’t appear to be compatible with CMYK devices. And although there are many videos on YouTube showing how to convert RGB files to CMYK, most come with a warning about how “washed out” the colours will look (presumably on the monitor) in comparison.

I remember being told that it was unrealistic to expect the vibrant colours and brightness range of a projected slide to be matched by a photographic print, but that didn’t stop some pretty impressive prints from being made! The same seems to be true about the differences between self luminous monitors and ink jet colour prints viewed by reflected light.

Am I just experiencing beginner’s hesitancy and trepidation here? Do I just go ahead and convert to CMYK, print and be damned? Or is there something rather vital and essential that I’m missing here?

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