Conflict: VirtualBox + Ubuntu on Surface Pro 7+


I have a

Surface Pro 7+ (11th Gen Intel i7 @ 2.80GHz + 16GM RAM; 64bit)

Windows 11 Pro; 1 Partition with 265 GB free disk space


I installed

Oracle VirtualBox v6.1.34

Ubuntu Dektop v22.04 LTS (Preferences: System ~10GB Base Memory, 1 CPU, ~76GB Virtual Storage)



Ubuntu wont run. Why? In first place, the installation process of Ubuntu in the VirtualBox seems really slow. Was faster mit 2 CPU running, but I read in other threats to better turn down to 1 due to some bugs the VB might have. Of several installation run the majority failed.


Then finally, when installation succeeded I was able to get to the user login screen but it would freeze after login.


Of 10 installation runs, 2 ended up freezing after login and 8 failed while installation was running.


Why? What am I missing?


Many thanks for help here.


atb Robert



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