Automatic detection of Pitches names for the Drum Map in the Drum view of Piano roll – Questions & Answers

Studio One is a truly fantastic DAW! At the moment it is the best among those tried. But there is one thing that I sadly find missing in Studio One.
When I load a MIDI instrument for drums (such as MDrummer, MODO DRUM, iZotope Break Tweaker) in Reaper the piano roll (in notation mode for drums) correctly puts the name of all the individual components and the various loops as intro, verse 1 , verse 2, outro in the various keys of the piano roll for drums.
In Studio One this don’t happen. Why? That is! Some names appear, others don’t, others else are taken from a generic GM Drums map not always matching in the right place, or in the case of MT Power Drumkit, I had to download a special file for the Pitches Name in the Drums Map.

Why don’t make the automatic detection of names instead as it happens in Reaper? Studio One deserves it because it is complete in everything else.

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