autodesk forge – Why is displayName not updated

Our webapp is showing the displayNames of the folder content of user’s folders. We’re doing a GET projects/:project_id/folders/:folder_id/contents for this and show the displayName from the attributes we receive from that request. We receive complaints of one of our customers (not all) that the name they’re seeing in our webapp is different from the name of the same folder in the Document Management view in Autodesk Construction Cloud. This seems to go wrong on folders that they have renamed. It looks like the displayName that we get from the API is still showing the old name while the Autodesk Construction Cloud is showing the new name.

We tried to reproduce this with our own Autodesk Account, but we cannot. When we rename a folder, the displayName is showing the correct name. Our customer is however still experiencing this problem.

Why is the displayName of a GET foldercontent request for this customer not showing the correct latest name?
Is the displayName attribute the best attribute to use for this or should we better use the name attribute instead? Would the name attribute always show the same value as what is shown in the Autodesk Construction Cloud?

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