autodesk forge – Revit Design Automation fails with -1073740791 error

I ran a new job on design automation and it failed with -1073740791 error code. The job id is:


The full error report is:

[06/13/2022 09:23:22] End Revit Core Engine standard output dump.
[06/13/2022 09:23:22] Error: Application revitcoreconsole.exe exits with code -1073740791 which indicates an error.
[06/13/2022 09:23:22] End script phase.
[06/13/2022 09:23:22] Error: An unexpected error happened during phase CoreEngineExecution of job.
[06/13/2022 09:23:22] Job finished with result FailedExecution
[06/13/2022 09:23:22] Job Status:

What does -1073740791 error code mean specifically?

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