autodesk forge – Is it possible to enforce a naming standard for an BIM360 Docs folder through the data-management API?

I’ve been trying to enforce a predefined naming-standard on an Autodesk BIM360 Docs folder.

There exists an API endpoint to get the naming-standard that is enforced for a BIM360 Docs folder by calling

GET projects/:project_id/folders/:folder_id

and also


to get the details of the defined naming standard.

But there seems to be no public API to enforce a naming standard on a newly created folder. Which is strange since one can set a naming standard via the UI.

I’ve checked what happens when a user enforces a naming standard via the UI. The UI calls this API

POST /dm/v3/projects/<ProjectId>/folders/naming-standards:batch-enforce

with this data

[{"folderUrn":"<folderId>", "namingStandardId":"<namingStandardId>", "includeSubfolders":false,"operation":"add"}]

I tried calling the same API programmatically and got an error that my registered forge app has no access to the specified api product, although the data-management api is enabled for this app.

Am a little helpless of how to continue. Perhaps someone can give me a push in the right direction?


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